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Position: PINE R&D Curriculum Developer

Job Description :

- Designs and develops curriculum content, teaching materials, teaching aids, training materials to be used by PINE teachers (kindergarten ~ upper elementary levels)
- Manages all aspects of curriculum development, programs, and events with their planning and coordinating
- Produces accurate, high-quality learning materials within a specified deadline
- Conducts research on new program development projects
- Conducts meetings, workshops, observations
- Responsible for researching and understanding latest English education standards and trends
- Will work under the direction of PINE R&D Team Manager

Qualifications :

- Bachelor’s Degree (More advanced degrees in TESOL, teaching certificates preferred)
- Work experience in teaching, and/or curriculum development
- Proficiency in computer skills (MS Office, Adobe InDesign, etc.)
- Good organization and time management skills; ability to work independently and to be flexible and solve problems
- Ability to communicate through verbal and written means with individuals, small groups and in front of large audiences
- Ability to produce learning materials both for students and teachers
- Excellent English proficiency level required

Salary :

- Dependent on qualifications

Application :

- Cover letter and Resume
- Supporting materials to demonstrate curriculum development background
- Personal Interview

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