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YBM Pine Division is a special Division within YBM Sisa-Yong-O-Sa Inc., which focuses on teaching English in a method that would be seen in schools throughout the US. There are currently three schools under YBM Pine Division, which allows us to create specialized programs for three specific age groups

YBM Pre-School Academy (PSA) is a premier English institute in Korea that focuses on the pre-K and kindergarten level. The PSA curriculum offers a slate of classes in math, science, art, gym, music, and monthly thematic studies to create a well-rounded English speaking environment for the child.

YBM International Academy (YIA) is a program that is offered for elementary school students who have lived or studied in English-speaking countries. Children who have not lived abroad may also enroll in YIA classes depending on their proficiency in the English Language. YIA uses textbooks that are found in schools in the US, and follows the US education system.

Our youngest students enroll in our Appletree Nursery (APN) an outstanding school for young learners. Appletree Nursery uses a curriculum that inspires the child to explore a myriad of subjects to help prepare the child for our Kindergarten program.
YBM PINE Division YBM Bldg. 6th Fl., 104 Jongno, Jongno-gu, Seoul, KOREA
E-mail: ybmpine@ybm.co.kr
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