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Welcome to G.A.T.E. (Gifted and Talented Education)

GATE School is Korea’s one and only privileged English private school for gifted and talented children.
We offer a variety of GT (Gifted & Talented) Programs designed to meet the academic, social, emotional and intellectual needs of gifted and talented students from the ages of 5-7.

We believe that our gifted and talented children must be provided with an affective curriculum in addition to differentiated guidance efforts for their unique socio-emotional development.
Everyone in GATE School is honored to inspire our children; to color their extraordinary minds, and raise them as global leaders who can respect, and value others, as well as embrace multiculturalism.
We also enrich our children’s intellectual and social interactive experiences and empower our highly capable children to achieve their true potential.

Excellent working conditions

School location
: Child friendly, top-quality facilities located in Gang-nam, the center of Seoul (3 branches: Apgujeong, Seocho, and Daechi)

Best teachers only
- a daily student-teacher ratio of 14 to 1 (OR 7 students for GT programs)
- Fully certified, experienced English-speaking teachers
- Certified specialists in music, art, science, leadership, creativity and physical education
- 1 bilingual Korean assistant teacher / each class

Gifted & Talented students only
- Students Admission Process (Intelligence Test / English Proficiency Test)
Single furnished housing or housing allowance provided
At least ten vacation days (summer break & winter break) in each school year


Certified teacher (preferred)
BA.BS degree or higher. Major in English, TESOL, or Early Childhood
Education (Subject related major for Special subject teachers)
TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA Certificate
Native English speaker (U.S. or Canada)
At least 2-3 years of teaching experience (including teaching experience in Korea)
With Excellent Reference

Science Fair and Presentation
Tremendous experiments and presentations as a group or as individuals
GATE provides a lot of events that will influence students’ development.
GATE students love to sing and dance!
The Classroom
Learning in an interactive and dynamic environment
Musical Performance II
An incredible moment that we won’t forget!
Musical Performance I
Brilliant and inspiring on stage
GATE Graduates
Here we can see Korea’s future presidents, pop stars, doctors, CEOs, and scientists.
The Gym
The gym is where students develop teamwork, listening skills and social skills.
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